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As Bloggers we are a community! There is a lot of Blogger drama and I try to stay clear of it unless speaking up is warranted. I wanted to find a way to something positive for Bloggers and the great brands who want to work with us and understand the value of us. 
Multiple times a day I am replying to pitches in my email from brands. Some I accept and some are not great fits. Typically they are product for review, but sometimes I have paid sponsors reaching out. One day it hit me, that for each reply of yes or no, if I had a list of recommendations for these brands I can get a lot of Bloggers noticed by them.
So I put a form together and it is filling up fast. Here is what is attached to every reply I have for a brand:
“If you are looking for bloggers who would LOVE to be involved in product reviews, please check out my Blogger list! I have many fellow Bloggers who do reviews and I allowed them to enter their contact info in my Google Forms for brands to reach out to if they see a fit. I hope this further helps you now or in the future. <LINK to form resonses>
Get on the list!
I would love if you would share this in your groups or with fellow Bloggers! Please do not copy and send this list to brands as I am owner of the shared form which gives me permission to distribute. But you are more than welcome to give a brand my contact for the list
Erinn Sluka at erinnsluka@gmail (dot) com
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