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Get The Kids Moving With The Ultra Dash Game

I have partnered with Play Monster for this feature


When summer begins we have grand visions of kids running and playing outdoors all day then reality hits. We just finished a 52 day no rain streak here in Seattle and the majority of that time was very high temps and muggy. In Seattle 90 degrees feels like 100 in other locations in the nation. There was a 2 week spread where I told my son to play in the morning but by 11am he needed to be indoors. It was too hot and we had the very poor air quality from fires that were so thick most days. Even his soccer league was canceling practices due to air quality and excessive heat. So, visions of a son away from TV and video games went out the door by week 3 of summer. I did get good at helping him find indoor activities such as having the neighbor kids over enjoying his Ultra Dash game.

This game will get them up and moving and can be played indoors or out. It is rated 6 and older and Anthony is 9 and loves this game so it is great for years of play. You get 5 colored targets to set up as you wish-they can get creative like my son and his friends did. They would set up simple courses in the game room and sometimes use the entire house or a hide and seek with them by putting in difficult spots.


When the color of your wand flashes you have to go find that color target and insert the wand to trigger the next cue. There are 3 game modes explained in the booklet: Beat the Clock, Target Tally and Relay Race–it’s a different game each time you play!

You can have 1 player, play head to head or team to team. There are no words or language, just sounds and lights. The simplicity of it all makes it so much fun and allows them to get creative and competitive in play. You can find Ultra Dash at Walmart and Target stores and it makes a great gift idea for any child the next time you get handed a party invite and struggle to know what gift to get. Girl or boy, ages 6 and up will all have a blast. It is also great to pack in the camping gear. The kids can have a blast all over the campgrounds and they are sure to begin to attract new friends who will ant to join in as they are caught having a blast!

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