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Get Healthy the Right Way with Vitagene DNA Test Kits and Health Reports

I have apps, videos, books, exercise equipment, running shoes, supplements, weights, athletic apparel, running bands, Dr. appointments and still today I am not at a physical health level I wish to be. How come all my attempts to stay motivated or eat healthier don’t seem to make a dent? I am not obese or tremendously overweight, but I am now in my 40’s and that leaner look and defined muscle is fading. I need to do something more real, more me! Body health is a science and to know what works for me I have to really get to know ME! So, I am on a journey with the Vitagene DNA Test Kit and Health Reports to finally get healthy the right way.

I cannot wait for the results to come back and they tell me it’s a bit over 4 weeks. Well worth the wait! I wanted to share with you how the testing worked and how easy it was. By the time I get my results and come up with a health plan to share with you, you may miss my savings opportunity! Details on how to save today are at the end of this post.

For now, the kit came and it took me about 4 minutes to get the samples together and in the tubes. Vitagene sends 2 tubes and 2 collection swabs. It is very easy-take one swab and move it around the inside of your cheek for 1 minute each on the left then right side. Repeat for a second sample. That is 4 total minutes and you are done! I gave the tubes a little shake and put them back in the stamped box included with the kit and straight to my mailbox.

Once you put your swabs in the mail you ARE NOT DONE yet! As you wait for the results you are told how to create your Vitagene profile online. Your results are connected to your account because you are given 2 codes in your kit to register to your account. One code was on the tubes and a second on the content box. This just really makes sure the sample sent comes back as only you!

Filling out the profile online is very easy. Just some ‘about you’ questions in a few categories. Once you 100% complete this profile you will get results back in categories to really help you dissect the report – skin, genetic traits, diet, supplement, exercise and ancestry. Ue the reports to get healthy the right way. The ancestry part is always fun and your ethnicity can tell you a lot about common health habits and history. The supplement report is also great because where you lack, Vitagene has recommendations and they also have a store so you can order all in one spot and get what really fits your needs sent in the mail. Their prices are very competitive with most brands on the market so this is a sure and easy way to get your body what it is craving.

Don’t wait! I am going to order my husband a kit for the Holidays because this is a fun gift to give someone who likes real results and answers. Don’t forget to take the results to your next check up too! Your Doctor should highly appreciate this information and further guide you better in your own health plan.

Visit Vitagene and use the referral code: Parentinghealthy to save 20%! Start HERE!

Comment: I was sent a test kit so that my feature can be authentic and my own original thoughts for you. Promotions via Dealspotr is compensated.

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