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Get fit and stay motivated with Kiqplan workouts

This is a promotional post for Kiqplan. I was provided product, however all opinions are 100% my own

What is the toughest part of getting or staying fit? Motivation! Not all of us have time or daycare available to hit a gym and if we do have that time, it is easy to get unmotivated by starting the car, passing all those stores we need to run errands in and making it to the gym for a workout. I am guilty of straying to a store, then just going home without ever reaching my original destination to the gym. The dilemma is that once we get to the gym and start that workout, it feels great! If only we all could have gyms in our own living room, we’d be set! I have no room, nor do I like clutter so the gym is my workout post. 
The other dilemma is time. You have an excuse to not workout one day, the next day gets busy and the next and before you know it, you have gone 2 weeks without a good workout. Tomorrow, right? We always say we will start tomorrow. But what if you don’t know where to start? What if you want to but cannot get to a gym, do not know a proper workout routine and need more healthy eating education and maintenance and you simply feel like there will never be a right time to start? Kiqplan is here just for you-for all of us! No matter your level of fitness, Kiqplan is great to add to your existing regimen or to supplement that lost trip to the gym as well as a plan for the beginners who cannot afford that expensive trainer guiding them along the way.
What is Kiqplan?

You start with a card you can purchase at Target stores/online or at for $19.99. There are 4 workout cards to choose from-Beer Belly plan for the men, Healthy Baby Bump for pre-natal conditioning, Goodbye Baby Bump for post-natal and Slim and Trim for a general cardio/ strength workout. Each workout is a 12-week program you register on your device after downloading the free Kiqplan app. If you have a fitness tracker (I have the Fitbug Orb) you can also ask it to pair to that tracker. The tracker will speak to your Kiqplan app as long as it is open in the background as you track your steps and activity. I can either go into my Kiqplan or Orb features and settings and easily keep track for optimal guidance. 
Set up is easy and the customization happens once you complete the set up of adding your age, weight, height, measurements and sex. You only need to set up once and it guides you for your daily tracking from there.
Track your Nutrition
Entering your food intake is easy and because you control Kiqplan form your device, you can enter your foods anytime and from anywhere. I have yet to enter a food that was not listed in the database. They even have your fast food items, cereal brands and more (400,000 food items to be exact). You tell it how many servings and it will save to easily grab for your next consumption. You see all of your days of input with easy access by scrolling across the bottom forward or back days. Above was my nutrition on Week 1: Day 7. You can see I stayed near my target and only fell a tad short! In this situation, you can get advise such as filling that gap with healthy choices near that 50 calorie range.
Track your Sleep

This part is so simple! All you do is click on the sleep bar from the main Kiqplan app screen, tell it what time you went to bed and what time you woke up. If your activity tracker has a sleep monitor mode, it will enter the data for you and in that case, you do nothing but check in to make sure it connected. If not, enter it!
Track your activity

Your fitness tracker is probably tracking your steps and activity, right? By clicking the workouts in the Kiqplan app, your activity tracker (you need to have it on you) will track that movement too! No matter what card (workout) you purchased from Kiqplan, there is a total of more that 350 individual exercises filmed and loaded into the database it pulls from. You are guided with filmed images, a counter and progress bar for your warm up, workout and ending with a cool down. Worried you’ll get unmotivated? The workouts change and become a bit more challenging with each new week. You will not simply repeat the exact same regimen the entire plan because no one stays motivated without change! 
Whether you are tracking nutrition, sleep or activity, you get goals set just right for you and progress data along the way. Your workout videos are with you wherever you go and you can even access advice and recipes from the app. What about the rewards? You earn badges and achievements along the way and if you are feeling extra proud, you can share those selfies and achievements. You won’t be ignored as you will get reminders, progress report emailed and everyday you log on you get a tip of the day. My tip for today was “Swap mashed potatoes for mashed cauliflower. It has more filling fiber and fewer carbs and calories.”
Get started and stay motivated today! I want to mention that having an activity tracker is only an option, but not mandatory. All you need is a Kiqplan workout card and a device to download the app to do your 12-week plan! If you got a Target gift card for the holidays you need to spend, spend it wisely and spend it on you! You deserve this and at only $19.99 it is packed with more settings and abilities than any plan I have yet to come across. 

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