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How-to Get Everyone Involved During a Move

It has been a rough few weeks of packing and saying goodbye to friends. I have been posting about our move in topics here on the blog as we plan, pack and finally make the final transition. Let’s talk about cooperation.

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Planning a move anytime soon?

Moving onward to greener pastures with the family is an exciting, new adventure for all. The thrill of a new place to call home, opportunities to make new friends, and so much more to do and see! It’s a big task to move a home especially when you have children of all ages romping and rolling.

There are concerns for:

  • Costs
  • Safety
  • Stress

Your spouse and children will feel these same concerns. But alas, the move can go without a hitch if everyone is onboard and willing to pitch in! This article will share how to get your family involved with helping during a move and a few ways to stay safe, lower the costs, and cut out the stress.

Cutting Down the Costs of a Move

The costs of a move aren’t as high as you may remember.

Packing materials (boxes, bubble wrap, tape) can be bought in bulk from moving companies, big box retailers, or home improvement stores. These materials are sturdy so there’s no need to double box which would add to costs.

The actual transit and logistics are inexpensive, too. Long distance interstate movers provide the necessary help, equipment, truck, and experience. These professionals come at competitive rates and save you a great deal of money when factoring their inclusion of insurance and ability to navigate the dangerous roadways.

Your family may help with the costs by helping reduce the amount needed to bring through a yard sale, running to drop off donations, or accepting unneeded items. The less you need to bring – the less you’ll spend on materials and labor.

Keeping Safe Before, During, and After the Move

The principles behind teaching your children to keep a clean space can be applied in the move.

This includes:

  • Showing them how to properly pack their items
  • Incentivizing their efforts in helping
  • Forming a routine so each day something is packed

The dangers of a move happen when large options are moved from the home to the rental truck. Items blocking the paths become hazards which could lead to unfortunate accidents. Children that are active in cleaning their mess will help reduce these dangers.

Encourage them to play elsewhere, away from the paths, and to help by keeping it clear if they want to stay around and gander at what’s going on.

Removing the Stress of Feeling “Uprooted”

Stress will get to you during a big move.

You and your spouse already have a million thoughts going through your heads. Now imagine what’s going through the minds of your children.

They’re excited but worried about whether they’ll fit into the new area. It’s a big leap for them.

There are ways to help reduce the stress of feeling “uprooted” with your children:

  • Let them vent their frustration and talk about their feelings
  • Show them around the community and talk about all the wonderful adventures to be had
  • Encourage them to get out and explore new areas (and have them tell you about them)
  • Add them to after school programs, sports, and other clubs (to their liking)

This is a family project – try to be involved in making each other’s lives as fun as possible. You’re in your new home! Your new community! This is an exciting adventure you all get to experience.

What have you done in the past that has helped with moving that got the family involved and kept it cost effective, safe, and stress free?



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