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Get Clean and Restore That Good Bacteria We All Need with Mother Dirt

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Has it ever occurred to you that of the many shampoos, cleaners and lotions we use, many can actually be causing harm with the ingredients inside? I cannot pretend to know how to break down all those chemical names found in the ingredient list and understand the effects on our body from good to bad. However, I do understand bacteria that can also be good or bad and know that something very important is missing when it comes to our health starting with our skin. One way to re-introduce good bacteria to the skin is to use Mother Dirt’s line of probiotic skincare. Mother Dirt is a brand of skincare products that contain Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria, or AOB, which is a type of bacteria that works to keep our skin healthy. The bacteria are everywhere in nature, but they are missing from our skin because of many of the products we use that ‘wash’ that good bacteria away.


The Science

The good bacteria on our bodies have a huge impact on how our we function from mental health, obesity, allergies and more and studies are underway as to why. Our body hosts these microorganisms that make up our microbiome. To say we should produce beauty products that promote a healthy biome system means that we need to stop depleting the good bacteria our skin plays host to for our well being. The microbiome is more than just healthy bacteria, but also fungi and viruses. Think about probiotics and how we use this positive supplement to restore digestion and gut health. It’s the same thing but we can start with the biggest host-our skin.

If science and skin are not your thing, do you like wine or coffee? I thought that would get your attention. Both are loaded with beneficial bacteria and it is the microbiome that contributes to the taste differences in wines.

The products

  • AO+ Mist is a spray you apply to the body especially in sweat prone areas. Great to use right out of the shower and when you workout or at bedtime when you rest. It adds that natural balance back to your skin and improves oily and dry skin. Your skin will feel softer and smoother and works great for those with sensitive skin.
  • Face & Body Cleaner is a pump filled with a light foam that you can massage into damp skin and rinse off, like conventional soap or body wash. It even works great at removing makeup and while shaving. Having a versatile product eliminates other products which is great on our environment. You can use this with the AO+ Mist because it keeps live AOB healthy.
  • Shampoo is great for keeping the ecosystem of the scalp and hair in balance. It works so great you may find you can skip using the conditioner-many do and I have also not used conditioner with this shampoo but I do have thin hair. Works to give hair a healthy shine.

All Mother Dirt products are free of preservatives, fragrances, and sulfates. They are kid-friendly as well as sensitive skin friendly. Head over to Mother Dirt to learn more about their commitment to preserving our environment as well as bringing healthy back to our largest organ, our skin.

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tiffany dayton

I have never heard of this Brand. But, it sounds like something I need to try.

Amber Ludwig

Ooh this is very interesting!! Id be so willing to give it a try!!

Annemarie LeBlanc

I have never heard about this product until now. It looks like something worth trying! I know there are a lot of chemicals in bath soap and shampoo. I guess it is about time for me and my family to make a “switch.”

Carol Cassara

Now this is a new product I’d love to try. It’s counter-intuitive, to me, but an interesting idea.

Elizabeth O.

That sounds like reliable products and it’s eco-friendly as well, what more can you ask for. I’m really interested in the shampoo and the cleanser!


That AO+ Mist during travel. You know how you can get all sweaty and dirty after touring any city.

Nikki Wayne

Oh, I never thought of such product like this. I hope I can find it on our local supermarket.


Havent heard of this brand but it looks promising. Will going to check our fave drugstore if they offer such brand.

Mary Beth Elderton

Fascinating! I have the idea that nurturing “good” bacteria and keeping a healthy micro-biome is the future for good health—as important in the future as almost any preventative health measure we have today.


I always wonder what differentiates good bacteria from bad. There’s so much information to process.

vickie couturier

sounds interesting,never heard of this before

Dotty J Boucher

I would love to try this product out, I love the fact that your know your going to get clean and your not hurting the planet.

Sheila Ritter

I have never heard of this brand before but from your review it is something that I intend to look into a little further.

Brenda Brown

I have never heard of these but I want to try them. Thanks for sharing!

monica royer


Debbie Welchert

Wow, thanks for all of the great info. I didn’t know about good bacteria. The products sound really wonderful.

Heather W

I’ve heard before that we are hindering our childrens immune systems with hand sanitizers, an aggressive immunization schedule, and not allowing our children to be exposed to dirt and bacteria that maybe previous generations were.


This is an interesting concept. it’s something to think about!

Cathy Jarolin

Thank you for this very informative review! I learned things about our skin that I never knew before! These products are Wonderful .. They help your skin to be what its suppose to be! Even Your hairline and scalps. I would rate your review as an A+++. 🙂

shannon fowler

this brand looks awesome. I’ve never heard of it before, but I’m all about healthy skin lately, and these look like they wold definitely help work towards that

Lesley F

This is a new brand to me but I would try it

denise low

I would love to try this product. I will be checking it out.

Maryann D.

I would love to try Mother Dirt. I like finding new and natural helpful products like this.

Jennifer H.

That is cool! How fun!


I have never heard of this brand, but it looks like they have some nice products. I really like that shampoo.

laurie murley

this sounds like a great product would love to try it

Danny Rubio

I would be very interested in trying, MOTHER DIRT. Where could I buy it get a sample?

Jerry Marquardt

This is some really great information on hand sensitization. I appreciate this as I worked in housekeeping at a hospital in the 1980’s.