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Get a Grip on Things Around the House with CatTongue Grip

Get a Grip on Things Around the House with CatTongue Grip

I imagine you can think of a dozen things a good grip tape can help with around your home. Perhaps you need better grips on tools or utensils. Maybe you need that rug to stop sliding on the floor or your water bottle to stop slipping out of your kids hands on the field. Maybe your couch keeps sliding into the wall and then leaving marks when someone reclines it- CatTongue Grip Tape is here to help stop the slips and slides.

Australia design

A roll of grip tape that grips as tough as a cat’s tongue sounds fantastic, but how about sized grips for the cell phones and tablets? No more drops! Below is our iPad that you can see has many drop marks on it from our son. That iPad has fallen between car seats, between couches, has been found on bathroom floors and dropped on every surface type imaginable from grocery stores tile to bleachers at a game. Not anymore!

As you can see your devices can handle movement with this tape even and holds on well. I gave my son a grip for his iPad and iPhone. I also have grip tape that actually worked to keep my couch from sliding on the laminate flooring so it doesn’t rub up against the wall.

grip tape

The sheets are peel and stick and they have been on for weeks and are still adhered very well. I can even wipe it clean easily.

tablet tape

The patterns are a lot of fun too. This iPad tape (size is Tom Cat as Kitty Cat size would be for a phone) is from the Graphic collection. They will also cut to fit if you need for the smaller tablets.

What I thought was fun was my son got a new phone and the case I bought him has a built in stand he wanted. But he loved his Australia flag Kitty Cat grip from his old phone. I went into the game room one day and he had it stuck to his coffee table in there. I thought it was just there on accident and went to move it and he stopped me, “No! I took that off of my old case and put it there for cups so they don’t slide off my table!” My 11 year old uses his for a coaster and looks fun on a game room table. Then I realized that not only does this tape stick well on devices it sticks well when reused too!

What a great stocking stuffer for the kids, teens and adults! Get yours for the season gifting! Visit CatTongueGrips.

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