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GermBloc for the cold and flu season

This is a promotional post for GermBloc

Tis the season for back to school and back to germs! This year is starting of fierce as many kids are suffering from the Enteroviruses that are putting many in the hospital. It has spread to here in Seattle. It is highly contagious with an incubation period of 3-10 days and there are over 100 different strands. As wide-spread as this cold is, the common prevention tips are to focus on germ control. Wash hands and keep hands out of the mouth. Products like GermBloc help us block those harmful germs we encounter all day.

GermBloc offers products for the home, office and travel. I love the travel sanitizers as they clip to any purse, luggage or backpack for on-the-go sanitation. Just this weekend, we had a passenger unknowingly visit and fly out of Sea-Tac with the measles. If you travel you know what a germ pool an airliner is. Carrying GermBloc is wise as we head into cold and flu season.

Germs come home from school and the sports fields. They are at the office and airports. They are in public restrooms and because we can’t carry warm water from a sink and soap with us, products like GermBloc may be our only defense at times. What makes GermBloc unique is this is not your harmful, alcohol-based sanitizer. GermBloc is alcohol-free and comes in lotions, spray, foam and these carabineer bottles like picture above on my purse. I use this for my son and I when out running around all day. The sanitizers contain 7 moisturizers, 2 Vitamin and 6 botanical extracts. Safe and effective to use all year long.

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