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Gazillion Bubbles Tornado Bubble Machine for summer fun

This is a promotional post for Gazillion Bubbles. I was provided product. Opinions are my own.

Summer Gift Guide Feature
It’s 10am on a summer morning and the kids are already stir crazy! They used to be occupied 6 1/2 hours a day at school and now it is up to you to keep them occupied. You need crutches-ideas to keep them entertained! Just imagine how much ‘Me’ time you can sneak out of your morning when you pull out the Gazillion Bubbles Tornado Bubble Machine and the bottles of Gazillion bubbles you picked up at the store and surprised them with this fun outdoor activity! They will have a blast-outside and you get to take advantage of the few moments of inside time without interruption! Gazillion Bubbles has many machines for you to scoop up and keep hidden until that moment you need it! It is so entertaining, we had a little visitor while playing with our Gazillion Bubbles Tornado. See who showed up in our video below….
About Gazillion Bubbles Tornado
This little machine produces large amounts of bubbles consistently! Just attach the 8oz bubbles bottle and turn the machine on for the fun to begin! It instantly produces bubbles and enough for several kids to run through and stay occupied.
The Gazillion Tornado Bubble Machine is one of several Gazillion Bubble machines you can find by Funrise toys. I have seen them at almost all major retailers I frequent such as Toys R Us and Walmart. What I love is that all you need is bubbles to make fun and at under $1 a bottle, affording this fun is easy!

See all of the Gazillion Bubbles products at and get ready to stock up on the entertainment you will need when the kids get bored and stir crazy this summer!

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