2018 Holiday Gifts, Reviews, Toy Reviews

Games Galore for Holiday Gift Ideas

Games Galore for Holiday Gift Ideas

2018 Holiday Gift Guide Feature: New Games and Toys Roundup

Yulu Toys

Yulu has some our very favorite games! Anthony is 10 and loves the Spy Code games like Hackathon and Operation Escape Room. With Spy Code’s Hackathon you are trying to hack into a console tp save your identity. It is about communication and only one person can work on the console at a time. So work together,  listen up and beak through!

Yulu also has the Helix Sports and Games. The Helix Power Swing ball is a lot of fun for outdoor play. This ball soars across out large field in our neighborhood.

But the most popular Yulu game in my home right now is Cut the Wire. It is so addictive and fun. The neighbor kids and cousing gravitate to this game most when over to play. Also see the Pacemaker Extreme for the older teens (ages 14+).

Visit Yulu Toys for all that they offer!

Zing Toys

Zing Toys has the popular Stikbot sets and now you can find Dino Movie Sets and Monsters! The Dino Movie Set is a lot of fun. On the heels of the popular release of a new Jurassic movie this set allows for some fun and creative movie making. Stikbots are little figures that, in front of a green screen, can be posed and positions around scenes and these movie sets for fun self-made animation videos. Build the sets, pose characters in different shots on your camera device and create your own animations.

Visit Zing Toys to see all gift ideas

Smooshy Mushy Toys

Smooshy Mushy has fun and adorable smooshy friends and babies. I like the Smooshy Mushy Frozen Delights. They are adorable frozen treat cups with a surprise character inside. They are great a great size for a stocking stuffer option.

Visit Smooshy Mushy to see all of the available toys

RedwoodVentures Flying Sushi Game

Flying Sushi is another hit game! These adorable sushi pieces hover over the air tubes and with your chopsticks you have to strategically pluck them from the air. The play cards tell you the order each play and there are rules on how to grab and when a sushi drops. It is harder than you think!

Visit Redwood-Ventures for more toys like this!

Hog Wild Toys

Poop emojis are all the craze for the older kids like my 10 year old. Now there is Sticky the Poo where this emoji favorite is stickier than ever. This is such a fun stocking stuffer. It splats and sticks to walls and surfaces when thrown.

Visit Hog Wild Toys for more fun.

Need more gift ideas? Visit the 2018 Holiday Gift Guide!

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