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Game Day Snacks Roundup

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Game day-snacks-roundup | Parenting Healthy |

At Parenting Healthy I have featured a lot of healthier snacking options in my foods and natural foods topics. By healthy I can mean a variety of things from gluten-free options for those that suffer from celiac to snacks free of artificial ingredients. Now with the after school snacks and football party season starting again, I have a round up of healthier snack options for your family. Some brands are new to me and some I have featured before. In all, I have tried each one below and that information is included.


Popped corn chips that are crunchy. 7 flavors. Gluten-Free and no artificial ingredients. I love the Sweetly Salted Caramel and Cheddar Feel-Good. My son also loves the caramel. Beware! They are very addictive. Available at retailers such as Winco, Rite Aid and Albertsons

PopCorners-Chips-Grocery| Parenting Healthy |

Barbaras Cheese Puffs

Baked with stone ground corn and carefully selected cheeses. 4 varieties. Non-GMO, cholesterol and wheat free, vegetarian

Like the unhealthy cheesy crunch chips variety? You’ll love these because they taste just like it without the unhealthy ingredients. Great for those with gluten and/or wheat allergies and just made better for you. We are addicted to these.

Barbaras-healthy-snacks | Parenting Healthy |

Barbaras-Cheese Puffs | Parenting Healthy |

Good Health Snacks

Crispy and crunchy snacks you crave with the ingredients you only want. 6 types of snacks. Variety of gluten free, Non-GMO and organic options

We love the Veggie pretzels and Avocado Oil Kettle Chips. There are so many options available at a variety of retailers for any occasion made with good and healthy ingredients.

Good Health-healthy-snacks | Parenting Healthy |

Good Health-pretzels | Parenting Healthy |

Mamee Stacked Potato Crisps

Potato snacks that are in 3 flavors. Gluten free and non-gmo. They are so delicious and my son can’t get enough of these. You can get them on Amazon and they are prime qualified.


Bare Snacks

Baked crunchy banana snacks. Also available in coconut and apple varieties. Made with real fruit, oven baked and everything good…I mean everything.

These are great for baking with or snacking on. Most cocoa flavors are best baked with. They are all non-GMO and free of gluten, trans fats, preservatives, nuts and dairy. Available at most retailers.

bare-natural-baked-chips | Parenting Healthy |

Drazil Kids Teas

Delicious kids herbal teas infused with fruit juices. 4 flavors. Free of caffeine and no added sugar or sweeteners.

These are my son’s top picks for lunches. I keep these on hand for home lunches he takes to school.

Drazil-Kids-Tea | Parenting Healthy |

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