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FXP Fitness Hula Hoop System for when you can’t get to the gym

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Summer Guide Feature
FXP Fitness: Hoola Hoop System
Before summer break, I had time for the gym. I worked a short shift at the High School and could make it to the gym after work before my son was out of school. Now that it is summer we are off on break together and I cannot take him to the gym per gym rules. So I went on the hunt for a workout I can do at home that gives me the short duration with high intensity because that is how I like to work out. Many systems were either redundant, therefore making me unmotivated or they cost a fortune. 
Now that I have the FXP Fitness Hoola Hoop System, I can do a total body workout in my living room. Summer is here and I have started already. I snap my hoola hoop together which is so easy and put in the DVD. I have the Starter Kit that comes with the Fit in 15 video. There are 3 total body workouts that I can choose from and I usually choose 2 a day: Blast fat, Sculpt Your Arms and Tone Your Lower Body. 

Why hoola hoop? The hoola hoop brings an intense cardio and you also use the hoop as a tool for exercises similar to pilates moves. The hoola hoop will act as a fat burner as you let it spin away, a balance object to allow you to hold onto as you do stretches and moves and it is a strength builder as you use it for resistance as well. In the first 15 minute total body workout, I am sweating and feel like I do after an hour at the gym. It is intense and short and this time of year, that is all I can find time for most days. 
The hoola hoop easily snaps apart and fits in a carry bag so you can pack it on trips or take it anywhere you’d like. No more excuses because all you need is in one bag and if you have 15 minutes, you can work your entire body. They even have an app that you can download for fee on your device so you always have access to workouts.
I am excited to see where this system takes me by the end of summer! Learn more and find a set that works for you at
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