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Fundraise and Give Back with CuraCoffee

This is a product review on behalf of the sponsor below

Before I share my experience, head over right now to the CuraCoffee Facebook contest that ends 8/22/14 and enter to win a Keurig and 6 months of K-cups. This ends soon or asoon as they receive 2,000 likes so go now! Tell them Erinn Sluka sent you 🙂

Welcome back! I was sent a bag of CuraCoffee to try and it was a hit for my husband and I. I took the entire bag of beans and grinded them to take camping and use in out propane coffee pot. CuraCoffee got us through a week of camping with the dark roast we love! With so coffee brand flavors to choose from out there, why did I choose to promote CuraCofee? Because they give back in more way then one. If you are going to order a good coffee blend, you can choose between and standard brand and one dedicated to giving back.

Created by a dentist looking to produce a premium organic coffee that will connect full circle, the farmers who produce it, the consumers who buy it and those they fundraise for. The farmers who make it are given 10% of sales in the form of free and much needed denatal care to their farming communities. CuraCoffee  and their Foundation for Worlwide Health has seen over 4,500 patients and performed over 7,000 dental procedures. Where does the other 20% of sales for charity go? That is your choice! You, the consumer can choose where that extra donation money goes.

If you are looking for a way to fundraise for a cause, you can start a fundraising campaign with CuraCoffee. Everyone loves coffee and everyone loves helping your cause, so it is a great opportunity!

Are you running low on coffee? Log into CuraCoffee, find a blend that fits your coffee taste, tell them a favorite charity and have a feel-good moment as your coffee arrives and others get assistance they need off of that purchase.

Don’t forget to enter to win as I mentioned first!

Disclosure: Parenting Healthy was provided the above product. All opinions are 100% my own

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