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Fun with the Phantom Saucer #HolidayGiftGuide

This is a promotional post for Telebrands

Do you have kids that love flying objects and toys that offer illusion? Do you have a budding Magician or a child who loves space and saucers? The Phantom Saucer is hours of fun and impressive flying action. It is a fun gift that comes with enough flying power and tricks so your child can impress their family and friends as they make this saucer hover mid-air between their hands.

Your Phantom Saucer from Telebrands comes with the saucer and 7 strings for the trick. The trick is all in a string and some putty! That is many chances to practice, play and impress everyone around them.
It is more challenging than a saucer on a string. The more my son plays with it the more he gets the hang of it and can try stunts and moves to make it even more fun and impressive. The Magician in your child will come out and it really is so easy to learn and master. Each saucer also comes with a code they can use to unlock the “How do you do that” features so they can try them with their own saucer. Makes a great holiday gift for kids of all ages.
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