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Fun with GeoFlux #HolidayGiftGuide

This is a promotional post for GeoFlux

If your children are fascinated by movement and need a toy that can go anywhere with them to provide hours of fun, GeloFlux is a recommended toy for the Holidays. When it first arrived I wondered if my boys would be entertained by this ball of stainless steel. It arrived the day our oldest son was up to visit and he was fascinated at his age! Our 6 year old and 22 year old couldn’t put it down!

This ball of steel turns itself into a 3D sculpture that resembles an orb or giant atom. The coils spiral up and down your arm if you stick your hand through its center. Make several fluxes or pass it to friends. It is highly addictive!
GeoFlux makes a great holiday gift for all ages!
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