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Fun in the tub with Tubby Table #HolidayGiftGuide

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When creativity strikes you as your sitting down, what surface do you tend to use? You probably are thinking a table or hard surface, right? Bath time is one of the best events to bring out your child’s creative and imaginative play. It is a time that does not involve electronics, TV or other distractions from them just being a kid with toys! The Tubby Table is the platform in the bath for fun and creative play.
My son is 6 and he loves the Tubby Table. It is not too young of a toy for him. The base is adjustable so with a twist of the table, it raises up or down for height. My son’s Tubby Table holds Angry Birds and superhero bath toys. It is a platform for his battles and Angry Bird slingshot games. By the end of bath, just about all of his bath guys are on the table so he is not fishing them from the sudsy water. He also discovered that if he lifts the middle block up, he can stash his small bath guys down the leg of the table which makes my bath neater when not in use. It is not designed for that, but he uses it that way then dumps the table upside down before bath to empty them out of the leg and play. Whatever works!
The Tubby Table comes with 5 colored and numbered shapes for learning fun. When the shapes are removed, they are like shaped cups that hold water and make for more fun playtime. Along with the table, you can choose sets that come with fun play animals or vehicles for additional  play. Ant table you choose comes with the shape cups and a tub mat for a softer cushion in the bath for your child to sit on.
You can find Tubby Table on Amazon, Diapers.com and other online retailers. The website offers FREE Shipping within US which is a great perk! Tubby Table makes an excellent gift that will be enjoyed for many years!
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