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Fun in Seattle

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On Sunday, we finally did the King Tut exhibit. They were very strict about photography so I have Zero photos for you. Sorry, because it was awesome! I wondered how my 4 1/2 year old would take it in and I was so amazed at how interested he was. He was a bit cautious about this whole “going to see Mummy” thing leading up to Sunday and so I Googled King Tut Story for Kids and showed him some stories. Once we got there, he made sure he showed off his new found knowledge by repeating that he became a Pharoah at 9 and died at 18. He wanted me to stop and read every inscription at the stations. Inside it was set up well although very crowded! It was divided into rooms and each room was labeled such as the rooms inside the Tomb. It was a blast and a great learning experience that will end and return back to Cairo in January. Best part-the gift shop had plenty of .99cent items! Shocking, I know!

Well, since I couldn’t get photos inside the exhibit, here is the rest of the day at the Science Center and inside the Hall of the Holiday train!

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  1. WOW! That is definitely a place I want to go if we ever get to Seattle! That is amazing and I know ALL of my kids (hubby included) that would have a blast there!

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