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Fun ideas for your April Fool’s Day jokes

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OK, so April Fools is near and you don’t want to waste another year of missing out on some good pranks because of you lack of planning, do you? Last year I thought of some fun ways to plat April Fools Day jokes on my co-workers and it wasn’t until the end of the day that great ideas came to my mind!

What ideas can I put into your mind? It’s OK, I can be the bad influence for once! Here are 3 of my favorites that I have yet to prank anyone with and just may have to this year!

April Fool’s Day Idea #1

Wrapping paper! Lots of it! Head into a co-workers or loved-ones home office and wrap EVERY single item. Take some photos-this will be great! Wrap each paper, pen, the stapler, chair, wall hangings. Everything! Then sit back and wait for that priceless reaction! This is a safe one to play and if you office near your boss, you can bring your coworkers in on it so you have help!

April Fool’s Day Idea #2

Saran Wrap! You will need an office door frame and clear tape. Stretching Saran Wrap tight to remove wrinkles makes it transparent. This can be done in a very short amount of time. Remember those shots of people or animals walking through clean sliding glass doors? This is that effect! Pull the Saran Wrap tight over the doorway taping it to the opposite sides frame. Sit back and die laughing as they attempt to step in or out of the office door.

April Fool’s Day Idea #3

The voice changer microphone! This is to take a day like this and be completely annoying all day on purpose. Have yo seen those toy voice changing microphones? Of course you have! Use it..all day…to reply to your family or coworkers. They will smirk at first, the tell you to STOP, but you won’t-all day! You know you will have fun with this one!

For more inspiration, Amazon is a great source for ideas and cheap, fun items to have sent so you are ready for April 1st!

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Disclosure: Link contains affiliate links. I was not compensated for this post.

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