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Fun football party snack recipes with Cakes Under the Influence

This is a promotional post for Cakes Under the Influence

Have you ever had a football party and asked your guests to BYOC! C as in cakes! If you ask guests to BYOB, does showing up with cakes made with favorite cocktail flavors count? If you are thinking “Erinn, you are a parenting Blogger. Why blog about Cakes Under the Influence” the let me tell you why. I do not promote spirit brands, but I am human and a Mom who entertains other adults. I also love baking and when I find a new twist to baking especially when it doesn’t involve lolly pops and fruit snacks, I like to bake as an adult when I can. With that, I am also a HUGE football fan (go Seahawks) and when we have friends or family over for the games we entertain adult-style. Cakes Under the Influence have kits and mixes that make excellent party snacks.
Recipe from site: Chocolate-tini cake
I have the Entertainer Baking Kit and it has everything I need to whip up a batch of fun ‘adult cakes’. It even comes with recipe ideas and the platter to serve on. All I need is a cocktail brand and some creativity. I loved browsing the recipes and wanted to come up with one as my sister and her husband were joining us for the Seahawks game. Blue and Green pride in adult-snack fun will be in store for a game we can get together for! I will surely share once I create them! We play on Thanksgiving Day and I am thinking of surprising the family with these!
About Cakes Under the Influence
  • Family owned & operated company
  • 2014 Bronze Innovation Award Winner
  • Kits come with molds, papers and cake mix
  • Recipe page is ongoing and keeps growing
  • Find cake kits, cocktail cookie cutters, baking supplies, mixes and serverware
Find a kit that will make you a hit at the next football party or BBQ and BYOC!

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