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Fun flavors with Dannon Danimals SuperStars Greek Yogurt for Kids

This is a product review for Dannon. All opinions are my own.

Greek yogurt just became fun!

We all know by now that greek yogurt offers us twice as much protein as regular yogurts and offers an excellent source of calcium and Vitamin D. I had such a hard time finding greek yogurts that did not taste bitter to me and my son is the same way. As I learned about Dannon Danimals SuperStars greek lowfat yogurt for kids, I knew that with a brand my son already loves and flavors that are appealing to kids he would have no problem with the taste and I was right.

We were sent the Strawberry Slide and Cotton Candy Thrill. He immediately opened the Cotton Candy Thrill and was hooked. He did not complain of the difference in taste from regular yogurts and later as I had him try Strawberry Slide, he downed that as well! Dannon has done it right again by taking a healthy yogurt and making it appealing to kids. The 5 flavors are Strawberry Slide, Cotton Candy Thrill, Strawberry Banana Sprint, Mixed Berry Half Pipe and Cherry Rush.

Anthony would love to share his reaction to the first tastes of his Dannon Danimals SuperStars lowfat greek yogurt below-

Nutrition Information
  • 10g of protein per 4oz cup
  • 110 Calories
  • Great source of Calcium & Vitamin D
  • 1% Milkfat
Learn more and see all the other kids products that Dannon Danimals have to offer

Disclosure: I was provided product for review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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Erinn Sluka

Love a greek yogurt that finally tastes good to the kids!

Erinn Sluka

I love the Strawberry Slide 🙂

Danielle Simmons

Yum! Sounds like a great after school snack for my kids.

Danialle B.

My son loves yogurt! This would be a good buy for him 🙂

Our Family World

My kids love these. I can not keep them in the house

Today's The Best Day

We LOVE those!!! Mom and Dad may even like them too! 🙂 LOL


I love cotton candy too! I didn't know they made these!

Fabulous Perks

Don't judge me, Lol, I tried these and they are pretty good.