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Fuel Your Summer with Open Road Snacks

This is a product review for Open Road Snacks

Flavored Popcorn & Chips for your summer snacking

What is on your summer travel shopping list? Somewhere on that list, you probably have ‘snacks’ written down. Snacks for the road trip, for the plane ride or camping & picnics, right? As a kid, when we traveled it always meant we could make special stops and enjoy special snacks that we don’t get everyday. To pull out a bag of fun flavored popcorn for the kids, or bold chips for the spouse makes the day more fun. Imagine a plane ride with fidgety kids and you reach in your bag and hand them cinnamon sugar popcorn! My son was becoming whiny after a long afternoon in the sand dunes and I did this for him and got instant calmness! Cinnamon and sugar was a treat on his popcorn and the bag was thin and easy to stash in the snack bag for the trip.

Is flavored popcorn not for you or your kids taste? How about unique flavored chips? Do you have a spice lover? They will love the Diego’s chips that come in Red Chile and Habanero. HOT is not for me, but a friend who was on our ATV trip to the dunes with us is and he munched on these for an afternoon snack. 

Get this…Open Road Snacks brings you Poplets! What are Poplets? The unpopped popcorn just open enough to eat and they flavor it. My husband was in heaven with these! They call them the corn nut snack, but to me they are like the unpopped popcorn! We devoured them and the Asiago Ranch was the most popular. Whip these out on a camping trip and you are the popular snack shopper all of a sudden!

Where to buy Open Road Snack varieties

You can find Rocky Mountain Popcorn flavors, Poplets and Diego chips at Kum & Go stores in the midwest or buy them online! They have dairy & non-dairy snacks available and all are natural and delicious!

The Rocky Mountain Popcorn is named popcorn partner of the Denver Broncos and the Poplets were a SHAPE magazine’s Snack Award Winner in 2013!

Visit to learn more and be on the way to fueling your summer with the most popular snacks of your party!

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Disclosure: Parenting Healthy was provided the above products for review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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