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Fruit-Full Kids Child Faith Plates

Samples sent for feature


With our lives as hectic as they are, trying to fit faith and the christian influences in can be hard. With one boy on his own, one just off to college as a Freshman and an 8 year old home and in sports, I am amazed I remembered to have them brush their teeth let alone a lesson or two in any subject. I grew up Catholic and understand the bible and lessons we derive from it as far as attitude and faith, but it is not incorporated into my boys lives like it was for me. I also attended Catholic schools so I had it a part of my school day. That is not the case with our kids.


I would find it easier to teach God’s way and read messages to them when they were younger. We could enroll them in Sunday schools or Bible camps and read them bedtime stories with Christian messages. I still do that with my 8 year-old although he is growing out of children books, but does look forward to Bible camp…once a year. When I was sent the release for Fruit-Full Kids, I knew it was for parents like my husband and I. We want to instill the Christian values, but find days fly by and we sometimes lack the creativity to weave it into our daily lives. We do eat several meals a day together so having a message at our dinner table for breakfast and dinner is a great way to remember God’s words and love.


You can buy individual plates like mine above or sets of 3. There are over 12 designs and all start with the top phrase, “The Fruit of the Spirit is…”. My plate ends with Love and has heart illustrations. Below are a few more examples of choices you have to reward your kids with God’s messages of love and family.

Visit Fruit-Full Kids and see all of the designs and read all about how 10% of all proceeds goes to Samaritan’s Purse Fruit Tree program. You’ll want to remember this brand for your Holiday shopping so that the gifts you buy this season will be giving back to those in need.


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