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Friday Food Label Fact

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Can You Guess What Food This Is?

The Label is for Dave’s Killer Bread: Good Seed. Really any Dave’s Killer Bread variety hits the mark for using all natural and GMO-free ingredients. Ezekiel breads and Ozery bakery breads are also a good choice in this regard. 
Highlighted are all of the Ingredients! 
Healthy or Harmful?
HEALTHY! And here is why……
When it comes to breads, you will find in most labels the words unrefined or bleached and that means the ‘good stuff’ has been removed. Why? Simply put-to give it a longer shelf life for store shelf sales! You also will see in most other bread ingredients the words hydrogenized oil and high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors and sweeteners. Why? They are inexpensive and unnatural ways to add flavor & filler. 
When it comes to bread, remember that syrups are a must and since many can be in the form of corn, make sure they have a Non-GMO label attached! Why? See my eye-opening post that will give you the education behind the GMO crisis:
So to sum it up… look for words like ‘Sprouted Wheat’, ‘Organic Whole Wheat’ as well as Pure seeds, and little additives. The label above shows nothing but REAL ingredients and this label belongs to the only bread I ever buy. Pricey? Perhaps (about $4 a loaf) but I made a decision a while back on staples I am willing to spend a bit more on to get rid of unnecessary additives and sweeteners and breads, butters and sugars are the staples I chose to only use organic no mater the cost because we use them so frequently in this house. Then I shop sales for organic snacks and cereals as well. 
Do you have staples in your home you have switched out due to the GMO crisis or to insert organic ingredients into your diet?
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6 thoughts on “Friday Food Label Fact”

  1. I love bread like that… so yummy toasted with just a hint of butter. Thank you for sharing that valuable information.

  2. Over the last year or so I have started to pay a lot more attentio to food labels. It's amazing how convenience and price and just the general assumption that of course, it's natural, decent ingredients…affects people's buying choices. Thanks for the post! We LOVE good bread!

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