Freschetta Pizza Party Night #FreschettaDifference


As school winds down so are our schedules. No more late night movies and dinner at odd hours. With the start of school there is also Soccer season and I also go back to work at the HS after the summer off. On the busy nights I have to do quick dinners. Some of my favorite posts to share with you are these. We love to have options and we want healthy options for dinner. Pizza sounds so unhealthy at first thought, but when you think of fresh ingredients-meat, whole wheat, veggies then Freschetta makes pizza for dinner a great option.


I am OK with Freschetta for dinner nights for a few reasons. First, we are all coming and going at different times and if we waited to eat together on some nights we could be eating after 8pm. That is not OK with bedtime schedule so I like meals that are easy to heat back up later. Freschetta pizza starts fresh and still tastes fresh after reheating. Also, Freschetta pizzas have a preservative free crust and are made with 100% real cheese. They even have gluten free pizzas.


I recently went shopping to pick up some Freschetta pizzas so I was prepared for those come and go evenings. I was bringing bags into the house of groceries and my son starts sifting through them. I see him grab the Freschetta boxes and he inspects the varieties and gives a quiet fist bump while not knowing I was looking on. They love pizza night. I also keep them on hand because it is also another very important time of year. Football games start and we love inviting friends and family over for the game. Pizza is such an easy meal to serve and keep out as we eat in stages during a game.



Make sure you keep the fresh ingredients of Freschetta pizzas available in your freezer for game night or those busy on-the-go nights. If you need Gluten Free, Freschetta has you covered. Have a child that hates toppings? Freschetta’s 4-cheese medley pizza is delicious and it also makes a great side dish for pasta night. You can find all meats to classic supreme pizzas. They are at most retailers near you. To follow them on social media and stay on top of specials, visit Freschetta on Facebook and Twitter.


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