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French Letters Children of a Good War Book Feature

French Letters Children of a Good War

French Letters Children of a Good War – Nov. 2018

Jack Woodville London

2 Boys and a Father and Mothers grow up just post- World War. Now grown, Father is hit and killed by vehicles on a highway and Mom is in Assisted Living with Dimentia. One brother is called the favorite, the other refers to him as the Bastard.

When some interesting finds are revealed while going through their deceased Dad’s items a whirlwind of secrets begins that sends one brother on a quest to find his ‘real Mother’. But, what he unravels is far beyond what the family can ever imagine. The entire story leaves you thinking answers have been found, but something is not right. It is hard to put down and you just know there is more to what is being discovered yet with Father gone and Mother without a memory, the story is long and detailed about how one Brother finds more than he set out to find.

Children of a Good War is like a giant puzzle you think you’ve solved, then find more unsettling pieces. Intelligent and engrossing, hard to put down, London’s best novel to date lingers in your thoughts long after you close it and turn out the lights.” – Joyce Faulkner, winner of the Howard-Johnson Prize for Historical Fiction

About the Author

Jack Woodville London studied the craft of fiction at the Academy of Fiction, St. Céré, France and at Oxford University. His French Letters novels do a fantastic job of depicting the 1940’s and post-WWII. Children of a Good War is the third book in that series. The first book, Virginia’s War and the second volume, Engaged in War both won numerous awards. Website.

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