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PBS has an ongoing It All Adds Up campaign to educate parents and children on important Math concepts. PBS wants to provide parents the tools and education needed to help promote and boost Math skills if Infants through Preschool! The tools are meant to offer guidance and suggestions on how we can use everyday life and our own homes and daily routine to incorporate Math for our young children!

 Available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and for Android phones and tablets, including both the Kindle Fire HD 7 and Kindle Fire HD 8.9.

In English or Spanish, you are offered a guide for incorporating math into everyday routines and they are categorized by age: Infant, Toddler, Preschooler as well as categorized by situations: Home, Eating Out, Shopping, etc…
My experience:
My son is 4 and immediatley he grabbed my phone and found the created your own town game. He just drags and drops items to create his own town and this is found on the Stickers section. Ideas are given for the following situations and here is an example of what is in each situation:
  • Restaurant. Example- start a color pattern with table items-sweetners & encourage their help guessing
  • In Town: Example- talk to baby about what they are seeing, smelling & hearing around them
  • I the Car; Example- hand them your phone & there is a fun windshield objects game!
  • Kitchen: Example- Kitchen helper by telling toddler what you are adding, wash hands!
  • On a Bus/Train: Example- sing Wheels on the Bus to baby!
  • At the Park: Example- Start a leaf collection and sort by size/colors
  • Library: Example- The Cover! Disect the cover-what will the story be about?
  • Grocery Store: Example- Name items as you place at checkout counter & have them repeat to make sure you got everything from the cart: Apples? Apples!, etc…

And many more situations and examples…….

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