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Four New Learning Games from Blue Orange Games

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 Blue Orange learning games

In my home, Blue Orange Games has long been a favorite game brand. The games are fun and engaging all while creating a learning environment especially with games of strategy, critical thinking and judgement. Here are 4 new learning games from Blue Orange Games.


Each card has 5 images on it- one Original image and four with variations. Players use process of elimination to locate the Original by pointing out differences in the other four pictures. Ages 7+ and 1-6 players. Also available at http://amzn.to/2hh2nP5

Pin Point learning game


As the master Builder, you must assemble your tower against the chaotic Onslaught of catapults to try to get the most points. But come next round, you’ll be the saboteur behind the catapult creating catastrophe for your opponent Builder. Will you build multiple towers against your enemies? or will you try for the grand prize and master the Mega tower? Ages 6+ and 2-5 players. Also at http://amzn.to/2hyeZCB

Kaboom learning game


players build their wall to victory with vibrantly colored blue and orange bricks engraved with white x’s and o’s. The first player to ALIGN four of their symbol or color in a row wins the game and claims the wall! but watch out! each brick contains both your symbol and color as well as those of your opponent. So each time you add a new piece, you risk helping your opponent win the game! Ages 7+ and 2 players. Also at http://amzn.to/2hHnQOf

Brix learning game


Flex your mind to build awesome and complex shapes, taking turns snapping on u-shaped bricks to surround one of your dots on the growing, six-sided structure. U-turn will challenge your visual perception, critical thinking skills and thinking ahead, as each piece you add will affect the future shape of the game. Ages 7+ 2 Players. Also at http://amzn.to/2guM3qf

U-Turn learning game

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