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Foster Farms Bold Bites for Easy Protein Snacking

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Foster Farms Bold Bites for Easy Protein Snacking

Introducing New Foster Farms Bold Bites Chicken

When you read nutrition articles and visit health aisles in the grocery store you will most definitely hear the word ‘protein’ or ‘packed with protein’. There is a new protein option on the shelves almost every month it seems. Protein is at the top of the list for essential eating as it’s main chore in the body is to build and repair tissue. But, that is not all protein does for us, it  makes enzymes, hormones, and other body chemicals and the building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. This is at any age!

The trick is finding a HEALTHY protein option. By healthier, I mean a protein snack with no added sugars or loads of carbs. The best protein is lean meats but who wants to gnaw on a chicken leg after a long run or for an afternoon snack when you need a boost? New Foster Farms Bold Bites is a fantastic option for a best choice of protein snacks!

Why is Foster Farms Bold Bites a better protein option? It is just plain, lean 15 grams of protein. Don’t worry, they made it more appetizing with great flavors such as

  • Caribbean Jerk Style Seasoning
  • Parmesan Garlic Seasoning
  • Chili Verde Seasoning
  • Korean BBQ Style Seasoning
  • Cajun Style Seasoning

These Bold Bites are packaged ready-to-eat and there are no nitrates/nitrites, antibiotics, or artificial colors/flavors. Just open a pouch and eat it right out of the bag or add into a salad, wrap or your homemade pizzas.

Getting a 10 year old ready for a soccer game on a Saturday morning is tough. We run short of time very easily and because some games are after breakfast but too soon for lunch, handing him a bag of seasoned chicken as we head out the door is a great pre-game snack. He eats it right out of the bag!

I am not sure if flavor can be justly seen with the eyes, but I had no doubt before trying these the flavor would be outstanding. It is! Then I thought that for sure I would get those rib pieces and be picking apart meat from fat and that is not the case in all the bags we have gone through. Each piece is one delicious bite of meat.

Visit the Foster Farms page to learn more on how to stock your fridge with this great snacking option for the entire family and step up those wraps and salads!

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