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Food Should Taste Good Fall Flavors

This is a promotional post for Food Should Taste Good™

Have you seen the chip aisle lately at the grocery store? There are so many varieties it is almost overwhelming. I look for chips that are good for you, I never have the ‘garbage’ brands in my cupboard (that’s what I call them in my home).  Food Should Taste Good is one of my favorites. In one store it is in with all of the chips in the snack aisle and in a different store near me I also shop at they are in the natural foods section of chips and snacks. That is the section they truly belong in. Chips that are more like crackers that have fun flavors and are not full of ‘garbage’.
These flavored tortilla chips are gluten-free and made with wholesome non-GMO ingredients. They are delicious on their own or even better paired with some yummy dips. Take this recipe below for a fun fall dip-Gruyere & Pecan Queso Dip! This is a must for a game day snack! The Harvest Pumpkin flavor is delicious! It really is more like snacking on a cracker. 
Look for these fun fall flavors at a store near you
  • Harvest Pumpkin
  • Blue Corn
  • Sweet Potato
Learn more and see all there is offered at
Disclosure: Parenting Healthy was provided samples. All opinions are 100% my own

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