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Follow Baby’s first year with Basic Invite

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It is official! You (or someone) you know just found out they are expecting a baby! So many thoughts running through new Mom’s head. What is the due date? Will we have a boy or girl? What names will we want for baby? What about showers and toys and nursery items and themes? There is so much and if you are a Mom or Dad the best gift we can give is help and plan-ahead ideas. There are some items the new parents will need no matter the gender or due date. One of those is invites! Even more special is personalized invites. You know these-the ones you download a photo, order and they arrive pretty and with all the info you need on them! What new Mom has time to run to a stationary store and hand write thank you’s and invites! Basic Invite is your one-stop invite spot so you can get these must-haves ordered and ready to send when it is time! Within the first year of Baby’s life you may need to order up three times. You have the Baby Shower, then the Announcement when baby arrives followed by that First Birthday party! 
Time for the Baby Shower

Whether Mom and Dad-to-be are having a boy, girl, twins or are keeping the gender a secret, they need stuff! What better way to get the things they need than having a Baby Shower? Who is going to host and organize this shower? Whomever it is will find all they need for adorable Baby Shower invitations from Basic Invite.
Birth Announcement Cards

This is the sweetest card ever to get in the mail! The photo of new baby and all of his or her birth details! If you ordered the Baby Shower invitations from Basic Invite, you know the Birth Announcement cards will be just as good quality and all the same satisfactions. In only 3 easy steps, you can personalize these announcements for your new son or daughter (or babies)!

First Birthday Invitations
Wow how time flies! It has been one whole year and now it is time to plan your baby’s First Birthday Invitations for the party. Your trusted Basic Invite site will help you once again! You can choose form over 50 photo designs and 160 colors! Each part of each card can be customized with color and fonts making these truly personal and unique. 
Using Basic Invite for Baby Shower invitations is a sure way to get the best personalization on each card. Once you find the design you like, you have 3 color choices to choose from to alter the design. You also get over 100 different fonts on each line of text to choose from. You can even customize the backs of each card at Basic Invite. You can choose colors, patterns and even add a photo on back. You can wrap up your entire order and have the assurance with their 100% No Risk Guarantee. Basic Invite asks you to chat, email or give feedback with every order so they can assure you are getting the exact personalization you need.
Learn more and see all of the Invitations and designs:

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