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Fla-ver Candies have flavors for the adults

This is a promotional post

Fla-ver Artisan Crafted Candies are for the ‘inner kid’ in all adults who want that candy experience. They are candies made with natural flavors and colors and are gluten-free which helps take the guilt out of devouring these tiny, tasty candies. If enjoying these candies from a 25 gram treat bag is not enough, you can get the 1 lb. bag to use in a stylish Fla-ver dispenser.
The flavors of Fla-ver Candies are a lot of fun which takes the child out of the candy! You get Cherry, Pineapple Jalapeno, Lime Chipotle, Peppermint, Pop Corn and Mint.
Kickstarter Perks
Fla-ver candies and dispenser is a Kickstarter because they need your help to bring these candies to adults everywhere! As you know from reading my other Kickstarter posts of the past, the more you donate the more they give back to you! Below are the perks you get with your donation.
You know you are dying to see what a Lime Chipotle or Pineapple Jalapeno candy tastes like, right? Help support and share the Fla-ver candies Kickstarter page-they are worth the visit because I have some of these candies and they are guilt-free pleasures!
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