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FIZZY MAGIC Kid-Friendly Bath Bombs

FIZZY MAGIC Kid-Friendly Bath Bombs

2018 Holiday Gift Guide Feature: Fizzy Magic Bath Bombs

They are the popular bath toy and thee bath bombs are very kid-friendly! These are the Fizzy Magic Bath Bomb sets are made with essential oils with the calming effects of Ylang Ylang. Not only are they safe, but they have a hidden toy surprise inside.

If finding a toy surprise isn’t fun enough, each bath bomb has a familiar and fun scent and there are clues as to what animal surprise is inside the particular bath bomb. The one above says ‘I have 100 teeth’-bet you guess what the surprise is!

Anthony is 10 and loves these despite the ages 4-9 rating. I even love them as an adult mainly for the scents! They are tropical and fruity just like myself and most kids like. The Mango Papaya is my favorite and Anthony loves Tropical Rain.

The best seller is the Box Safari Collection I show above. You can buy singles, too! Want to see one in action? Look below…

Buying Fizzy Magic Bath Bombs

They are at the Fizzy Magic website!

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Comment: I was sent product so that my feature can be authentic and my own original thoughts for you.

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rochelle haynes

I am loving these they smell good