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Five Reasons Why You Should Not Ignore A Missing Tooth

Five Reasons Why You Should Not Ignore A Missing Tooth
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No matter how careful we are, it is possible to lose a tooth; it might be through a road traffic accident, a sporting collision, or even biting down on something hard. Should the worst happen, it is very important to seek out dental treatment as soon as possible if you end up with a missing tooth. If it isn’t one of your front teeth, you might be tempted to leave it as it is, but that is never a good idea and here are the reasons.

  • The Start Of Crooked Teeth – When you have a full complement of teeth, the teeth are likely to be straight, but when one is no longer present, this can result in the other teeth changing their direction of growth, as the pressure is no longer applied as before. Even one of the back molars missing can be the start of wrongly aligned growth and as time passes, this will become evident. If the root of the tooth is still in good condition, you can have a crown fitted, which would match perfectly with your existing teeth. If the root is in any way compromised, the best solution is a dental implant.
  • Loosening Other Teeth – When you find yourself with a missing tooth, this means that the teeth on either side no longer have essential support on both sides. The best treatment is dental implants and while the cost of dental implants in Sydney CBD or in your local area may not be cheap, this will ensure that the teeth either side will not loosen over time.
  • Risk Of Gum Infection – When you lose a tooth, this can be an opportunity for an infection to take hold, and while you might not know it at first, a swelling would soon arise and you will need dental treatment. You should rinse daily with antiseptic mouthwash until you can make a dental appointment, as this will reduce the risk of a gum infection.
  • Facial Muscles Sag – When you lose a tooth, this can result in your facial features changing slightly, and over time, this can be quite noticeable. The best solution is to seek out a dentist as soon as you lose the tooth, as this will ensure that you don’t lose the shape of your face.
  • Missing Teeth Affect Your Speech – A missing tooth can seriously affect a person’s speech and after a while the person doesn’t realise this, although everyone else does. This can also play a part in a person losing their self-confidence and that can impact your life in a negative way. With prompt dental treatment, you can regain your self-confidence.

Potential treatments for a missing tooth

If you are left with a missing tooth, there are a number of treatments, which include dental implant treatment, when a titanium pin is screwed into the jawbone, which provides a solid anchor point for a prosthetic tooth. Another treatment option is a crown, providing, of course, that the root of the tooth is not damaged, or bridge could be created, using the teeth on either side as anchor points for the bridge plate.

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