Five Delicious Menu Items to Try the Next Time You Grill Out

As you dust off the grill for the summer season, you’re probably envisioning burgers, hot dogs, chicken and more. These are all traditional favorites that are easy to prepare as well as delicious. In her book, The Big Fat Surprise, Nina Teicholz explains that burgers, cheese and other foods with saturated fats are good to include in your diet. This makes eating a burger even more enjoyable. You can make these and other traditional favorites even tastier by making a few simple adjustments. Look at five examples.

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Pineapple Burgers

When you picture pineapple rings you probably see them in a salad or even stacked in a bowl of pineapple juice. But, pineapple rings or chunks are delicious when put on the grill. Many people enjoy the combined citrus and smoky flavor. You can put the pineapple rings on top of your burgers or even eat them separately. Either way, they are a healthy addition to any grill out menu.

Grilled Shrimp Tacos

Do you like shrimp? If so, try putting some on the grill this summer. Put your hot, grilled shrimp on a flour tortilla and cover them with avocado pieces, onion, shredded lettuce, diced tomato and other ingredients you love. Try adding some purple cabbage to the mixture for a beautiful flash of color. The hot shrimp combined with the cold ingredients makes this grill out dish a popular choice. If you prefer, put your shrimp in a hard taco shell or miniature taco bowl. But take caution, you may not be able to close your tortilla with all of its delicious fixings piled high.

Three Cheese Burgers

Instead of simply putting American or cheddar on a grilled burger, select three cheeses and melt them on top. You don’t have to limit yourself to traditional choices either. Think about blue cheese, feta or pepper jack. Try new cheeses that will boost the flavor of your grilled burgers for the friends at your barbecue.

Burger on a Tomato Bun

Who said you have to put your burgers on a traditional bun? Nobody! Instead of using a bread bun, put your burger between two slices of tomato. You can even slice them thick, so they resemble a bun. A tomato bun will boost the taste of your burger and may turn into one of your summertime favorites.

BLT Burgers

You are probably familiar with a BLT sandwich served at a diner or restaurant. They are delicious. So, why not transform your burger into a BLT. Grill a burger just the way you like it and use the above idea of sliced tomato as your bun. Put romaine or green leaf lettuce on your burger and add in some bacon slices. Of course, if you like mayonnaise, mustard or any other condiment be sure to add those into your creation to make it all your own.

Finally, one of the best things about a grill out is you can get really creative with your menu. There are so many non-traditional items that are perfectly at home on a barbecue grill. Plus, you can mix lots of tasty, healthy vegetables and fruits in that are sure to please your guests.

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