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Fitness Fashion for the Men at Pitbull Clothing

This is a promotional post. Opinions are my own

Since I was in leg warmers and listening to Janet Jackson, Pitull has been bringing men the fitness clothing they love and need for a proper workout. I have featured many women’s gym fashion on this blog, but the men need proper gym clothing too. In fact, most men like my husband and teen have an entire separate wardrobe just for the gym. Wearing the wrong clothing while working out can not only make it an uncomfortable hour or so, it can cause you injuries. The wrong shoes can harm your ankles or be a tripping hazard, the wrong shorts can cause rashes and even restrict proper leg movement and the wrong top can leave bacteria or even cause you to overheat. If you were to head to the pool, you would wear swimwear so when you head to gym, make sure you wear proper gym clothing.
What I loved about Pitbull Clothing is the years of service and the quality of the clothing when my son’s sleeveless top arrived. 

Pitbull gym clothing is made in the USA and was established in 1989. Whether you are an average gym user or a body builder, Pitbull Clothing offers clothing to fit your needs. You can find tops, tanks, stringers, shorts, pants and more that will allow you the quality of advanced technology clothing. It is obvious Pitbull Clothing Company takes pride in their quality.
This shirt above is very well made and the stitching is flawless. It is a lightweight fabric that fits true to size. My son will keep this in the gym locker for sports. The hood is great to toss over his head on the cooler, rainy Wa. State evenings.
Head over to and see all of the styles they offer! 
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