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Finding out more about Legal Steroids

Finding out more about Legal Steroids

I don’t know anyone personally who has looked in the mirror throughout his or her life and thought to themselves, I look great, I am undoubtedly happy with my appearance and there is nothing I would change. It’s not in our human nature to think this way.

We are striving, working and aiming to be the best versions of ourselves we can be, we want to look a bit more trimmed, show a touch more definition in areas and be 1 size bigger than the guy next to us. So how do we go about achieving this? 

For most people on the straight and narrow with no intention of ever coming off the path and sticking solely to what they know, gym, healthy eating, and a balanced lifestyle is all they need. 

They are happy to go to the gym on their set days, do the workouts they’ve become accustomed to and that they can do without having to think twice about and go home to eat dry grilled chicken and scrambled eggs every other night of the week. Fair play to them for sticking out this long, this, however, is far from what my friends are doing.

For them, being ‘ok’ is never going to be enough, they want more, they work harder and this is why they look like a walking GQ centerfold most of their lives. Jealous much?

They are lean and mean, slim and trim and have no confidence issues when it comes to those summer days and everyone heads down the beach. How do they get these physics then you ask? 

Simple, anabolic steroids and a medical practitioner on hand. They know what they want and will do anything to get it, hence the reason for a professional in the medical industry to supervise their intakes and monitor how hard they are pushing their bodies to the limits.

What is an anabolic steroid?

In simple terms, it is a chemically, man-made hormone created to replicate and imitate the natural male hormone, testosterone. They are used by both adults, and children who have been prescribed them by doctors to aid them with health problems and/or growth deficiencies.

The hormone testosterone is responsible for not only the reproductive aspect of things for men but the maintenance and building of muscles, strength and bone density. This would be why the top athletes in the bodybuilding or weight lifting sports industry are so keen on them. 

Why do athletes take Testosterone?

We all know what it’s like to be competitive at something, everybody wants to win no matter if parents are telling their kids to ‘just have fun.’ No, this is not how we have been built. 

We didn’t come here to have fun over function, the aim is to win, to be the best and in the weightlifting world if this means taking enhancers to get you that extra bit further up the success ladder then so be it.

Steroids, of which you can read more about here, help athletes increase in muscle mass and size. Why anyone would want to walk around looking like the hulk and struggling to find clothes that fit is beyond me but they are out there, and ‘each to their own’ as my granny used to say.

When you are lifting big weights the muscle is constantly being damaged, as it stretches and breaks down the size increases, however without steroids this recovery process of the muscle tissues and fibers would take significantly longer, hence the need for them. 

They can then get back into the gym for the next session quicker and keep increasing size. 

Athletes start being able to push harder for longer, their endurance is improved and this motivates them even further. It’s a full cycle, mental and physical working hand in hand to achieve what we see as this chiseled, bronzed gentleman coming towards us on the sand who we pretend not to notice, am I right?

How to safely start using anabolic steroids.

This is a tricky question to answer only because so many people have so many opinions on the subject, some say to start only after you’ve been training hard naturally for at least 5 years, others say start after a year to begin to see results. 

I’d say speak to professionals in the industry, other athletes who have been or are using them for their disciplines and then make sure to have a chat with your medical practitioner. 

Someone who has been there done that is the best way to gauge the rights and wrongs, pros and cons and that can steer you in the right direction on how the process begins and progresses through the stages. Watch this quick video on how to take start with steroids, the safety aspect of the drug and the physical demands that come with being disciplined in using it correctly.

One piece of advice that I have heard my friends give to others who are looking to and wanting to take their training to the next level and begin indulging in anabolic steroid use, is to work with what is best suited to you and your body type.

They say that too many times they’ve seen people use the exact combination of steroids as someone else because the photo they saw of them is what they want to look like, this is not how it works. 

Often the people who end up on top are those who have done their research and homework into the various kinds of drugs and the combinations that result in various outcomes, and who train seriously in conjunction with a nutritiously balanced meal plan usually set up for them by a hired nutritionist.

People don’t realize how much goes on behind the scenes when it comes to lifting that trophy at the end of it all, the pain, the sacrifices and most importantly, the commitment. You need to be mentally ready for the physical to follow.

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