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Find & Save gives you access to the deals and locations of stores in your exact area

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I was recently asked to research Find&Save for sponsored review. What I discovered was an all-inclusive site that not only finds the best deals, but you can narrow those down by where they are at in your area. If you have kids, then there Christmas lists are particular. They want a certain action figure or book or the exact Lego set their friend has. Finding the best price and stores that carry it just got easier. Type in the item and it will give you items matching your search with photos so you know you are choosing the correct item. It will show which store it is at and tell you in a bubble above the photo if it is on sale and at what %. You can add it to a wish list or buy the item from the same image.

I  had entered Lego Monsters into the search box and it gave me the Lego Monster Fighters sets my son loves. Even though I entered a vague search description, it knew what I meant. I found the set my son wants at Babies R Us at 20% off right now! Next I went for my top Christmas want-Seattle Seahawks attire! I found 2 tops I like. One is at Kohls and not on sale right now and the other at Finish Line. I have these in my Wish list so I can keep an eye on them. If I see them on sale as I will be alerted as sales adjust, I will scoop them up!

Find&Save is easily accessible from home or on the go. It is formatted for web, phone or tablet use. It is available in the Apple App store for download to your iPad. Never miss a sale, get the best prices at stores near you and make it your tool before heading out to shop for any particular item!
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

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