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Find College Scholarships anywhere and anytime with the Scholly App

As a Mom to a Senior in High School who is college bound, the hunt for college admission tips and even scholarships becomes overwhelming real fast. There are many websites out there to help you out and many are just duplicates of each other that to find any new information gets challenging when trying to gather as much as you can in the process. Searching for those college scholarships is crucial in making sure your child is not burdened with so many college loans in the end. But where do you start? I have been spending over a year reading articles and gathering tips and wished there was a more simple way to search for available scholarships.

As a parent or a student this scholarship hunt burden is real. That’s why it took a college student to finally create an app and web program for our devices and computers that makes searching for scholarships so simple. If you watch The Shark Tank, you may have heard of Scholly already. Scholly helps you create a profile then gives you access to targeted scholarships, deadlines and links.

Top 5 Tips When Searching for Scholarships

  • High School Students should start searching for scholarships during their junior year of high school to create a cumulative list of the scholarships they are applicable for.  Then senior year can be devoted to the actual process of applying for the scholarships. 

  • It is important to remember that you can also apply for scholarships while you are in college.  If you don’t win as many scholarships as you want in high school, don’t lose hope!  

  • A good number of scholarship essay questions are very similar to one another.  It is smart to write a few essays and then find scholarships with similar essay prompts. This allows students to apply for more scholarships with maximum efficiency.  

  • Apply for smaller scholarships. Smaller, less well-known scholarships tend to receive fewer applicants because students think they won’t make an impact in the overall cost of college. However, if you win ten $1,000 scholarships, I think you would agree that it’s worth it.  It might require you to apply for a larger number of scholarships, but in the end you are increasing your chances of getting selected.

  • Apply for scholarships that have a very specific requirement such as being vegetation, LGBT or left handed. Since some scholarships are so specific, they tend to be less competitive.

In addition to buying Scholly on an individual basis for $3 in app stores, the Buy 2 Give program allows companies, government agencies and other entities to buy the app in bulk to provide to their constituents.  Many cities and companies have been giving back to their community by offering Scholly to local high school and college students. Nothing better than a brand that gives back!

Download or visit today and start searching for that free money.
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