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All things Mom’s love in one place
My son is 6 and my nephews are 8, 5 and 7 months and one of the biggest challenges we have at any age is product decisions. We want safe, healthy and effective products yet there is doubt in trusting ads and claims from the manufacturer. We have seen great ads for cribs and car seats that became popular only to be recalled later on for safety issues. The best product decisions are made when a Mom knows a product has been used and tried my another Mom. 
I have a story I like to tell often about when I was just days away from delivering my son. Sleep Positioners were so popular and every new Mom wanted one. I wanted one too and it was a product I kept forgetting to scoop up and knew I needed to as baby was close to entering this world and I needed to be ready with all the gadgets and sleep items to make schedules and transitions easier. I was taking a bath and I grabbed a Reader’s Digest and in there was a story of a Mom who lost her 8 week old to one of these sleep positioners. She said that her daughter had managed to wiggle down while moving in her sleep and turned her face and suffocated. At 9 months pregnant and reading a story like that, I cried and immediately became paranoid. Not only did I NOT purchase that product, I removed all fleece and non-breathable blankets and bumpers and my son grew up with a breathable crochet blanket gifted to me as his blanky! I wanted to follow a trend, then heard how it functioned for real and the result was devastating. The information was very profound for me as a Mom. I would have lived on a Mom recommendation site like Momzy had it been around then!
What is Momzy?

Momzy is a website (mobile app coming soon) that has all the things Moms want and love in one place. You get and give ideas, discover fun products and stores and get advise and recommendations and all of these features are brought to you by other Moms! The products on this site are posted and recommended by Moms like you. In fact, you can even post your favorites and share with other Moms. 
First you will create a short profile and this will tell Momzy what Mom stage you are in so relevant products show up for you. If you have an infant, you will see infant products and so on. You can always search for any product by category or bundles no matter what Mom stage you are at. When you see a product you like, you can get to the website where the product is sold in one click and check out! 
There is a social aspect to Momzy too! You can follow other Moms and tag products for them you think they would like. Lets say you cannot live without a certain sippy cup and you know other Mom’s would love it to. Click the +Post to Mommy button and you can tag other Mom’s or simply post for all Mom’s to stumble across. There is even a messaging feature as you follow and get to know other Mom’s so you can connect, ask questions and compare notes on a topic or product.
As you land on a product page like what I have above with the Juice in the Box, you see that all you need to learn more, share, review, buy and follow that product is all in one place. Reading reviews is a great way to connect with new Mom’s as they may mention how a product helped them with certain issues you are also having. This way you can click to follow that Mom and connect with her to discuss more. Just one way this feature is so beneficial to any Mom.
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