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Finally an energy-efficient acandescent light bulb

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When shopping for light bulbs, what is your criteria? Mine has typically been if it fits and is on sale then it is good enough. I know that there are government restrictions now on the energy efficiency of bulbs and I do look for that stamp. However, I go to the light bulb aisle and there are so many bulbs. For the most part they look the same except for socket size, brands and wattage. Finally, there is a light bulb that gives you the lighting ambiance you want with a lot longer life and uses such low energy. Finally.


We had a bulb burn out in our garage and I was out of light bulbs so I asked my husband should I just order online. He said he would like to but he wants a bright bulb but our socket is only rated for up to 60w. We searched bulbs that seemed so expensive. Then I had Finally Bulbs reach out and had to do some research so I can feature the bulbs on my site accurately for you. I learned that most bulbs with instant on that gives us the incandescent lighting we need last an average of 2,500 hours for a good bulb but they are low on the energy efficient scale.


Finally Bulbs wanted to offer consumers a bulb that mimics the light we love from incandescent bulbs that uses a lot less energy and in turn lasts longer. The bulbs are individually more in price, but the lifetime blows the incandescent bulb out of the waters as well as in energy saving. It took many years of research and the technology that Finally came up with for this bulb is called Acandescent. If you take a step back to science class you may remember learning about induction systems that require very large spaces-larger than a room in a home but more efficient. Finally found a way to compress and harness these attributes from induction and create a bulb that uses 75% less energy than an incandescent bulb.


Not only is 75% less energy a very large and good number but the lifetime is dramatically different. These Acandecent bulbs have an average lifespan of 15,000 hours compared to about 2,500 of an incandescent bulb as I found. That is based on a 3 hour/day usage. These bulbs from Finally that offer so much more will cost you about $10-$18 at Staples and other retailers. The value is fantastic.


Our garage burns bright and will continue to for years and we are saving energy and money in the long run. Visit to learn more and find a retailer near you or order online.

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