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Finally! Easily Add Music to Your Photo Messages with Beatshare

Thank you to Beatshare and Quark for partnering with us for the feature

Working in the blogging world and using social media everyday there is one outlet I have not jumped on and that is Snapchat. Beatshare is NOT linked to Snapchat at all but it is the best way I can describe Beatshare at its foundation. Snapchat is a great ‘instant messaging’ app that allows you to more easily attach music to enhance your photo. There are 3 sources you can pull artists, songs and albums from to attach: Apple Music, Spotify and SoundCloud. So this is especially fun for the music lovers with active Apple Music and Spotify accounts. I find many options through SoundCloud too so that is a great option for those without music subscriptions.

Finally! Easily Add Music to Your Photo Messages with Beatshare

Take your photo and then in the message app menu, pull up your beatshare and add music from your accounts or search the SoundCloud. It is fun to find the right song that matches the mood of your photo you wish to share. Share it in text message form or with friends connected with you in the iOS app or iMessage.

Why use Beatshare? Because you love music, your friends love music and adding sound to a standard snap is a much more exciting message with lyrics behind it. What a fun way to share last nights photos with each other adding a beat to that share. Send a loved one a selfie with a song attached or even a snapshot of the kids with fun music attached for birthday and celebration messages.

Give it a try! Download it for free from the Apple store today Browse your photos, find a song and send it off. Once you realize how easy it is to add music to your photos you can share the app with friends and family to connect you and share even more easily with each other. Beatshare-Get started!

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