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Fill Your Large Easter Baskets with these Things for Easter

Fill Your Large Easter Baskets

Fill Your Large Easter Baskets

This year I am going big. My son is 10 and I found a neighbor that made me a bin with his name and a basketball player silhouette. Because it is a large bin he can keep and use as storage in his game room I need to get creative to fill a large Easter basket without going overboard.

So I googled ideas and realized I am not the only one who has been searching about how to fill large Easter baskets so I teamed up with some of my favorite brands and will share some toys for Easter this year.

STMT (Simple Trendy Modern Touch) DIY Kits

These are fantastic for teenagers! These STMT DIY crafting, beauty and jewelry kits are a lot of fun and fully customizable. Choose from many kits such as leather jewelry, chocker necklaces, journaling set, tinted lips and the cosmetic set.

I am featuring the STMT DIY Cosmetic Set that retails for around $29.99 and is labeled for ages 14+. In this kit you combine simple ingredients to design blush, lip gloss, beauty mist and more. What I love is that you can mix fragrances for scents that you love best. They even include labels so you can name your cosmetic creation. It does come with a project booklet to make it easy to create. These kits are available at Amazon, Michaels, Nordstrom and Barnes & Noble.


With exciting themes such as Tropical Punch, Sweet Shoppe, Cotton Candy, Birthday Cake, Cupcake Celebration and Shark Attack these slime kits are not your average gloop of slime. You get to mix and make slime filled with sparkles, animal shapes and more for a customizable slime to play with. These are available at Walmart & Target for $4.99-$6.99 and ages 3+.

Scout’s Learning Lights Remote Deluxe™

Leapfrog has always been a favorite brand of mine. Our youngest is 10 now and has grown out of Leapfrog toy stages but I love catching what they are up to next and love finding new learning toys for my nephew.

This remote is an explore toy with 17 buttons with more than 100 phrases, sounds and music. This Learning Lights Remotes helps work fine motor skills, role-play, learning numbers and letters, imaginative play and even has a Spanish mode. It will explore weather, a music channel and more. So much in a fun take-along learning toy. It is available at many retailers for ages 6+months and for $12.99. Remember that this is the ‘Deluxe’ remote. Leapfrog has other fun learning remotes as well.

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