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Fight Acne with Skinue products

I was sent samples. Opinions are my own

At 38 years old I still have break outs every month around my chin. I am a busy body and touching my face and biting nails are still a habit so it explains why some breakouts can take a few extra days to disappear. I want product that works, but I also need to watch the ingredients in them as I don’t like using products so unnatural in ingredients.
Skinue has a brand new line meant to treat and defend against acne. not only do I love the scent that these products have, I also like the ingredients. The founder is an Entrepreneur and a Mother of 4. Skinue is an innovative, bio-based skincare product line safe for all skin types.
The secret ingredient of Skinue
Camel milk whey has proteins known to fight infections as it latches onto foreign pathogens to send an intruder alert to the immune system. As the research team of Skinue and MONOJO studied the bacteria of acne, the camel antibodies succeeded in staying attached longer at the source of inflammation than did other products so the body’s immune system can find and fight the acne. A natural ingredient from natural source where the camels are treated very well in Royal UAE camel farms.
Using Skinue
Step 1: Facial Wash (blue bottle) is a cleanser that will not dry out your skin as it cleans oil, dirt dead skin from your face.
Step 2: Serum (green bottle) is lightweight and easily absorbs deep into your sin layers.
Step 3 for Normal/Dry skin: Cream (yellow bottle) combats the acne bacteria while moisturizing your skin. Use this twice daily
Step 3 for Oily/Combination skin: Ultra-Gentle Gel (orange bottle) non-greasy texture attacks acne bacteria to clear up acne faster. Use twice daily.
You can buy the Skinue products individually or in sets depending on your skin needs. Skinue can be ordered online. Also stay updated by following Skinue on Facebook.
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