February Gift Card Giveaway (2019) at Parenting Healthy

Welcome to the FIRST Monthly Giveaway hosted by (ME) Parenting Healthy

Whether you are a regular reader of Parenting Healthy or another Blogger’s work, we do appreciate every visit, comment and attention to our social posts and newsletters.

At Parenting Healthy, we will offer a monthly (non-sponsored) gift card giveaway just for you! To give back from my budget to my followers

Prize Details

1 winner will get to choose a $25 Gift card of choice. This can include PayPal and the gift card you choose will be emailed so I need to be able to access an e-gift for your choice to send. Thank you for following! Open to US and Canada.

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I don’t really have any plans as yet. We shall see what comes.

Florence Cochrane

Dinner at home for Valentine’s and a nice bottle of wine too. Of course some chocolate.

Margaret Smith

My husbands birthday this month, so we’ll go out to a nice dinner to celebrate both Valentines day and his birthday.

Elizabeth Tarlow

We’ll be celebrating our Granddaughter’s Birthday this Month!

Ann Fantom

We don’t have any special plans for Valentine’s day. We will exchange gifts, and I’ll probably make a red themed dinner for my husband and daughter.


Plan to take my loved one out for Valentine’s Day.

Angelica Dimeo

my plans are to stay home


February has meant eating better and taking better care of ourselves! Hubby and I are supporting each other.

Pam Wheeler

We are going out for dinner and a movie.

crystle tellerday

no plans


I am hoping this is the month that my husband gets released from the hospital after having 2 brain surgeries.

Laurie Nykaza

Valentine’s s fun we have dinner with our kids and buy them some candy too.

shelly peterson

No big plans for the month of February or for Valentine’s Day.

germaine harrison

I will be celebrating my birthday.

Dana Matthews

My February plans include starting a membership at our local gym Monday. Working on my A1C and trying to lower it!


Do my yearly paperwork cleaning task


I will be working a lot in February and do not have any Valentine’s plans.

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Marissa M

I’m hoping in February to start eating healthier. I will also be traveling to Chicago for the first time!


I don’t really have any plans.


I am planning a road trip to see my mom in law.

Wendy Hutton

my only plans for Feb are to continue with my diet plan, too cold to do anything else


My comment did not post.
My plans for February is to do more outdoor walking.
thank you

Jeanna Massman

I have no major plans for February. I will just enjoy spending time with my grandson.

Carlene R.

No plans for Valentines Day. We do not typically celebrate Hallmark Holidays. I am too much of a fugal mom to waist my money. I put hearts on my kids doors every day leading up to Valentines day with things I love about them. But that’s about it.


Already busy with chinese new year

Julie Bickham

Well my birthday is this week so I have plans to go out to a nice dinner.


I will be working Valentine’s Day and night. No real plans this month.

Tiffany S

On Valentine’s Day my husband and I will probably go out to dinner.

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We’re planning to take the kids out for Ice cream on Valentines Day!

Michelle Warner

My plans for this month is have surgery, Found out i have ovarian cancer. We are going to celebrate valentines at home relaxing with the hubby. I got the kids a couple small candy hearts and thats about it for them for valentines day. My oldest son turns 25 this month so he is celebrating out on the town,lol. He lives away from home so we dont get to celebrate with him. I think thats about it for our February.


I plan to spend some more time with my hubby!

Dawn Monzu

The only plans I have this month is to babysit my granddaughter for a week. haha, I don’t have a Valentine this year, so I decided to be my own! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


I am planning a romantic dinner for two on Valentine’s Day.

Janice Cooper

We will probably celebrate Valentine’s Day next weekend by going out to dinner and the movies

Della Dabner

I’m single so I’m not celebrating Valentines day. My sisters and I thought about doing Galentines day . That sounds fun.

Mary Gardner

There are 2 birthdays and a wedding in my family this month so most of my plans revolve around those events this month.

Cynthia Conley

I plan to cook dinner for my dad and nephew this weekend.

Dorothy Boucher

This month has been a renewing of my faith, building my block or steps to better understanding the Bible, Also it is the beginning of my work out, nothing huge but a start.

Melissa Storms

I am planning my garden this month. It is a little early to start my tomato plants but I am getting everything ready to.

Tara Gauthier

Not too many big plans. Working on de-cluttering our house an getting paperwork organized.


I’m trying to make the most of “hibernating” with the snow and cold by getting some things done that I put off when it is nice out! It sounds boring, but I love how it feels when a project is done!!!

starla b

We were planning on going to Atlanta for Valentine’s Day, but at the last minute we decided to grill out together at home!

Holly Thomas

Valentine’s Day is not something my husband and I celebrate until the candy is on sale the next day!

Stephanie Grant

My February plans include starting a mass deep clean and declutter on my house and starting back on my KETO diet!

Krista Miller (@MillerKrazy)

We had a karaoke party night with the family for Valentine’s & also played games. It was super fun.

Charity Cram

No specific plans for this month, but plans to go visit family in Minnesota next month.

Jodi Hunter

My February plans included celebrating my anniversary.

Amber Cheras

I really want to see the movie escape plan