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Fathers day Gift Idea from Best Buy: 3D Robotics Solo Drone

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3D Robotics Solo Drone from Best Buy

Does Dad have a GoPro? Are you getting him a GoPro? The cameras are great, but you can go from the best giver ever with your camera to the hero with the 3D Robotics Solo Drone by 3DR available at Best Buy! I think any gadget with the word Robotics in the title would be a hit for the man in your life! Now add the words 3D and Drone and now Dad is putting his coffee cup down to become more engaged with his gifts! I could see it now-my husband unwraps his 3D Robotics Solo Drone and off the boys go to be entertained all day. I could use the alone time anyway! 

This is not your average remote control helicopter gadget! This drone securely holds your GoPro camera and once it takes off, you have control of so much at your fingertips. The controller also features a screen so you can see the view even if it is high and out of sight a bit. If Dad just refuses to leave that recliner all day, he could control his drone without leaving his chair. 

There are TWO integrated 1GHz LINUX computers used to control the Solo Drone-one in the drone and one in the controller. Solo Drone is the first to have this technology and it is available right at your local Best Buy among other drones that make great gifts! 
Solo Drone can define its own flight! It holds your GoPro and delivers live HD video wirelessly to your device or through the controller’s HDMI port for live broadcasts. 
You get to focus on the camera and the right shot as opposed to having to keep your eye on the drone itself. Within the camera you have some Smart Shot modes to make the best of your footage. You can fly your drone on a virtual cable line so it stays on one determined path and you can tilt and zoom along that path from one point to another. Within the Smart Shot mode you can also do an orbit shot so that your camera circles an object and always points inward as it completes the 360 degree footage all the way around. The Selfie and Follow Me features are some more shots you can learn to do with your Solo Drone.
Best Buy Offers 

Get a FREE Solo Smart Battery (Reg. Price: $149.99) when you purchase the 3DR Solo Drone (Sku: 5354101). Valid 6/7-7/11 at Best Buy

Disclaimer: Offer valid with purchase of the 3DR Solo Drone SKU: 5351035

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