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Father’s Day Gift Guide Feature: AwoX StriimLIGHTTM Bluetooth – Color

This is a promotional post for AwoX. Opinions are my own

Father’s Day Gift Guide Feature
AwoX StriimLIGHT Bluetooth-Color LED music bulb
A while back I was sent an AwoX StriimLight and from day one my 6 year old claimed it! I went upstairs when it arrived and put it in a lamp to try it out and get photos for a post and my son was so intrigued by it! He loves going to sleep to music and loves having a light on. I amused him by taking it to his room and screwed the StriimLIGHT into the socket of his bed lamp and had his tablet’s bluetooth connect. He put on his playlist and insisted that set up remain in his room. Every night since we turn on his ‘music light’ and he falls asleep with the light and his playlist. 
So, now I was sent a different StriimLIGHT, the AwoX StriimLIGHT Bluetooth-Color, that has LED changing colors. My son insisted I trade out the other one for this one that has the colors. He can choose one of the colors to have on or he can have it flash or roll in a color slide show. So, I have my original Bluetooth smart bulb back and he got the upgrade! 

About AwoX StriimLIGHTTM Bluetooth – Color
  • Stream music from your phone/computer from anywhere in your home
  • Bluetooth enabled speaker LED light bulb
  • Includes remote control
  • Energy-saving LED bulb, 100-240v, fits standard E27 socket
  • 13W speaker, 200Hz-20KHz
The remote control is what we use once the bulb is in the socket and connected to my son’s tablet. From the remote you can turn the bulb on and off. You can either have the bulb on and the music off or the music on and bulb off or both on or off together. You can also control the speaker volume from the remote and choose a light bulb color or set it to flash the colors or smooth (roll) the colors like a slideshow. 
This is great in the home while entertaining, but in my home has turned into a sleep aid for my son! This is a fun LED bulb to use to get the kids to bed with light and sound and if you need it in another room, simply unscrew it form the socket and set it anywhere else in your home. Your device should locate the StriimLIGHT Color search just fine. Our devices and phones connect easily around the house.
This makes a great Father’s Day gift idea, especially if Dad has his own media room or space in the house or garage. Learn more: http://www.awox.com/
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