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Faster File Transfer with USB 3.0 Technology

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What would you do if you went to open a particular file and it was empty and everything you stored on that file had accidentally been erased? That’s a scary thought. I have files with videos of my son’s christmas pageants and files that have my entire blog backups on them. If I were to need those and found them gone, it would be an instant heart attack for me. Finding a reliable back up for storing the precious files is important and even if you have something important backed up on an online storage, having a separate backup on a portable device is wise! If one goes down, you have a backup to your backup! Lexar has always provided the latest technology to their flash drives that come in storage sizes to fit all of your needs big or small. 
If you have a teen, college student or even a family member or friend who relies on their computer, a Lexar flash drive makes a great stocking stuffer! I know our teen needs one for school and he also uses them for storing gaming files from his Xbox. I tend to grab extra when I can and have them available. You can store them in labeled ziploc bags or desk organizers labeled with the contents so it is there when you need it. Growing up in earthquake and flood zones, having disaster kits is common. Having important photos and files stored and kept in a place apart from your home means that even if all else is lost in a disaster, you have those precious photos and videos.
Lexar S35 3.0 flash drive
  • Superspeed 3.0 USB technology
  • Uses EncryptStick™ to keep files secure
  • Swivel design with auto retractable connector and key ring loop
  • Colorful capacity options
  • Transfer photos, videos, files and more
  • Works with PC and Mac systems
  • Compatible with 2.0 devices
  • 3 year limited warranty
Learn more and gift a Lexar this holiday season from Lexar S35

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