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Faster downloads for larger files is a must have with Lexar JumpDrive S75

This is a promotional post for Lexar®. Opinions are my own

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With all of technology our older children enjoy, simple JumpDrive’s are just not enough anymore. You see them listed on the class list in the High School years and in college they are a must have-more than one at that! Heading to a retailer and looking for those super sales to get the cheapest one will not cut it for them. This is a tool that will store so much information for them and the more you know about them, the better you can grab the right one that will not fail them or slow them down in a download. 
I have a son who will be a Senior in High School and when I showed him the Lexar S75 he perked right up. He looked at it and very excitedly said that this was a very good one and for gaming it is perfect and a great size at 64GB. And with his interest in majoring in Engineering and Robotics, he will need at least one of these in his College career!
About the Lexar® JumpDrive® S75

Whether you are a student or teacher that needs to carry around large files of projects, videos or large music files the Lexar products have choices that will fit your needs. The S75 JumpDrive ranges in storage size from 16GB to 256GB. The SuperSpeed USB 3.0 gives you a faster transfer speed of files, photos, videos and more. Your files will be safely protected using EbcryptStick™ Light Software. They are compatible with PC and MAC® systems and in USB 2.0 devices.
  • 16GB in purple (up to 130MB/s read, 25MB/s write)
  • 32GB in orange (up to 150MB/s read, 60MB/s write)
  • 64GB in green (up to 150MB/s read, 60MB/s write)
  • 128GB in black (up to 150MB/s read, 60MB/s write)
  • 256GB in white (up to 150MB/s read, 60MB/s write)*
Make sure you buy the right JumpDrive for the right storage needs and project type to save you time and confidence that your files are secure and a complete download was transferred correctly. Learn more at

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