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Fast Ways To Remove Cooking Smells

Everybody who has ever tried to remove cooking smells knows how much effort it can be. You mix different ingredients, spend some time around the oven, take the stress out and prepare a delicious meal for your family at the same time. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Until the odors of certain foods linger too long.

Get rid of cooking odors by July Minor

Well, here’s the other side of the coin. The meal is ready but the bad smell looks like it’s here to stay. If you live in a small apartment cooking probably gives you more trouble than fun. Everybody would say- just go and buy an aspirator. Well, that is a serious investment and not everybody can afford it so you can try some cheaper means to remove cooking smells.  

Some foods have a stronger odor then others, you have forgotten your food in the oven and as a result your apartment smells nasty! The solution is really simple: put a cinnamon stick into a pot of boiling water and leave it simmering for half an hour. The odor will completely disappear. A housewife said that she had made a lot of efforts to hide the bad smell by using scented candles but the cinnamon turned out to be the real deal.   Whatever we say about the vinegar wouldn’t be enough. It’s just irreplaceable in the kitchen. Combined with baking soda, it can do miracles with your appliances and you might not be surprised to learn that it can neutralize bad smells too. All you have to do is to put equal parts water and vinegar on the stove and leave it for a couple of hours. Don’t worry- the smell of the vinegar will last less than half an hour but if you are still concerned, feel free to add some lemon or orange peels into the bowl.  

The other certain way to get rid of the bad smell at home is the regular cleaning. You will save yourself all the inconvenience if you wash the baking trays and saucepans on the spot. Throwing out the garbage regularly also helps. If you are not sure where the odor comes from, check out the fridge first. You might have forgotten something that causes it. Opening the windows while cooking is the easiest and the cheapest way to avoid the bad smell as the fresh air that comes from the outside doesn’t allow it to linger but especially during the winter it is really inconvenient. Grinding coffee beans is also an option.  

The smell of burned food is among the worst and most lingering ones. Not only the kitchen smells awful but also the oven itself. Understandably, you are afraid that the next meal you put in there would get the same odor. No worries. You just have to reheat the oven up to 200F. This is the so called “Fake and Bake” method. Hopefully, you have found a decent method, among the ones, mentioned above, for dealing with the bad smell. Just give it a try and you won’t be disappointed.  

Author Bio: July Minor works as a consultant for Shiny Cleaning Agency for many years. She has a lot of knowledge about cleaning and she loves to read books about it.

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Erinn Sluka

I don't think I have never heard of it. I'll have to check it out.

Michelle McCallister

Just found your web site. Very cute, I love it! Thanks for sharing your ideas. Burnt food smell is the worst in the kitchen. I try to stay natural with my cleaning too. Baking soda is such a pain to use sometimes lol. Have you tried a product called Freshana Organic Solutions? I love it and just thought I'd mention it. Thanks!