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Fast and Safe Lice and Super Lice Removal with Nix Ultra Lice Removal Kit

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Knock on wood! With 3 boys we have never had lice visit our home. I remember having it as a kid and I had very long hair. It was the worst having that sharp metal comb raking my scalp. I never wanted to deal with that again let alone have our boys endure that. Even with short hair it is a mess. With pediatrician-recommended brands like Nix we can take a bit of a breath if lice ever decides to visit your child’s head.

In 3 steps you can use the NIX® ULTRA LICE REMOVAL KIT to get rid of the lice and super lice so your child (or you) can get back outside with friends and continue their daily lives. I can’t even remember exactly how long a child is to stay away from others once lice is found but I know it is an annoying amount of time. Here is how you use that newest lice kit from Nix:

  1. Apply the Nix Ultra Solution to to dry hair and make sure you cover the entire scalp and really saturate the hair. Leave on 10 minutes. Wash hair thoroughly with shampoo (avoid any conditioner). Towel dry the hair.
  2. Use the Nix Ultra lice removal comb that comes in the box to remove the lice and it’s eggs (nits). This is the gross part, I am not going to lie. You will literally see them coming off the hair in the comb and then wipe before each combing to on a paper towel you will wad up, secure in a bag and put out in the trash. Part the hair so you are working a total of 4 sections to ensure you don’t miss an area.
  3. Check hair in 7 days and repeat if you need to.

You also get a Nix Lice Control Spray in the kit that you can use on bedding, furniture and rugs that you know have been in contact with their hair or body. This spray is fantastic. I can imagine feeling the icky jitters leaving me as I were to use the spray around the home. It is safe and non-toxic so use it where you need to get rid of those little suckers. Even with long and ticker hair you can get 2 uses out of one bottle of solution. Shorter hair like my son has can yield me about 4 uses. Look for the kit at retailers and on Amazon as well.


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